Bringing Ministry to Life – Catholic Charities

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For more than 70 years, Catholic Charities has been a leader in serving the poor and vulnerable throughout the Diocese’s five counties and beyond. Catholic Charities serves with mercy, charity and compassion to promote the sanctity and dignity of all God’s people, offering hope by helping those in need and uniting with others in service through the following areas:

Catholic Charities currently has three endowments with the Catholic Foundation for the following programs: Counseling Services, Foundations of Life and Catholic Charities Free Medical Clinics. Each endowment was established by a generous donor/family committed to preserving these ministries and services in perpetuity.

It is important to note each endowment can receive additional donations at any time to increase the corpus and thereby increase the interest earnings which support these vital Catholic Charities outreach programs. And of course, there are opportunities available to establish new endowments for Catholic Charities for those who are interested.

Endowments remain a viable and safe option for investment in the future of our ministries. We thank the families and individuals who initiated the existing Catholic Charities endowments for entrusting us with these very special gifts, and the opportunity for the Catholic Foundation to serve throughout our diocese.

To learn how you can support an existing endowment or establish a new endowment for Catholic Charities, please contact the Catholic Foundation by completing the Legacy Form.