A Donor-Advised Fund Made for Catholics

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We know that many of our parishioners actively search for ways to invest in their parishes, the greater Catholic Church as well as other organizations that align with our Catholic Values. They look to support good deeds through their generous giving. Because of this, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of the new Catholic Foundation Donor-Advised Fund!

Donor-advised funds are widely recognized as one, if not THE, most popular charitable giving tool today, and the Catholic Foundation Donor-Advised Fund is an incredible opportunity for our parishioners to organize all charitable giving through a simplified system. This means no more jumping from website to website, inputting credit card information, or writing checks and mailing them out. One easy-to-use tool will assist our parishioners in quickly opening the account, and then directing their charitable gifts to the not-for-profits they wish to support.

To learn how you can bring ministry to life through the Catholic Foundation Donor-Advised Fund, please visit cfdaf.org or email daf@catholicfoundation.org.