Life Funds

At the Foundation, we understand that the needs of the organizations comprising our diocese may vary and that placing funds into a permanent endowment may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. However, we also recognize that having a fund available for larger needs that may occur outside of budget planning would be beneficial. For these situations, we recommend a Parish, School or Ministry Life Fund.

Benefits & Beneficiaries

  • Earns a market rate of return – as of 7/31/2020 approximate conservative estimate of 5.25%.
  • Pastor, ministry leader, or principal manages the fund and can request two (2) distributions per year.
  • Funds can be distributed until the corpus is depleted.
  • Donors can direct to one of five (5) designated uses within the fund:
Parish Life FundSchool Life FundMinistry Life Fund
• Sacramental
• Education & Formation
• Facility
• Ministry
• General (non-designated)
• Tuition assistance emergency fund
• Scholarship – need based
• Facility
• Capital needs
• General (non-designated)
• Program/outreach
• Ongoing education & formation
• Facility
• Capital needs
• General (non-designated)

The Rules and Details

  • $10,000 minimum initial investment.
  • Comprised of new donations from supporters.
  • For parishes, assessment is not paid on initial donation at time of fund establishment, only on accepted distributions
    and total distribution if fund is dissolved.
  • Use must always honor donor intent (the designated use chosen at time of donation).

How We Assist

The Catholic Foundation will:

  • Work directly with pastors, principals, leaders and donors to ensure the fulfillment of their charitable intentions.
  • Help identify areas of need.
  • Provide all paperwork and guidance during the process of establishing the fund.
  • Maintain records and provide reports to donors and beneficiaries.
  • Facilitate calculation and distribution of bi-annual distribution to beneficiary.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for all information regarding the fund.
  • Build strategies, communications, and make suggestions to help build the fund.